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About MUT Running

Mutt or “mut” [ muht /mʌt ] 
Noun Slang - a mixed breed dog.

MUT RUNNER  [muht /mʌt ] + [ruhn-er  /rʌn ər]
Noun Slang Phrase - a runner that competes in Mountain, Ultra and/or Trail Running events. 

What is MUT Running?

The initials “M.U.T.” stand for Mountain, Ultra, Trail and have been a designation category used by US Track and Field (USATF) for a diverse variety of running events. This can include races as short as a Vertical Kilometer event straight up a gnarly mountain, or a multi-day flat running event on a 400m synthetic track (and everything between!). 

What we won’t focus on or cover as much is “traditional” road marathoning and
standard Olympic track distance racing. Save that banter for! We’re all about the diversity and challenge of ultramarathon distances (road, trail or track) and the steepness of mountain and trail running (be it the 10km world mountain running championship race or a classic like Sierre-Zinal or UTMB or Western States). 

Unlike other sites we don’t discriminate between ultra-marathon distances and “sub ultras.” We realize steepness, technical trails and vertical gain can be just as challenging in shorter and faster mountain races under 26.2 mile/42km distances. At the same time, we also realize that the monotony and even pacing of a perfectly flat track or road after 100-miles or 24 hours has its own unique challenges as well! 


We hope this site can become more of an informative resource for both new and advanced MUT Runners to learn more about the sport and share their experiences. 

It’s a place to hang out and discuss interesting topics in the world of Mountain-Ultra-Trail running.

Finally, it is a place for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration!