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It was a very close Finish between the Top 2 Women! See how this mountain race up above 14,000' to the Summit of Pikes Peak played out!
Despite being “only the half marathon,” the all-uphill Ascent race is sometimes the more competitive distance.  Following our MUT Running ethos, we like to celebrate the “sub ultra-distance mountain races” and have great respect for the higher speed and higher intensity that these “shorter” races have to offer.
In 2016, Lucrezi gathered some friends together to start an online journal — a place for female-identifying runners to share experiences, tips and inspiration. For a few months, they posted one article a week, until women from all over began to submit contributions to the journal. 
Ryan Smith is a Leadville 100 mile champion, High Lonesome 100 champion, and a top ten finisher at UTMB.
June 20, 2021
Matt Daniels, a Nike Trail athlete and founder of, is among those professional athletes getting ready to race Western States. Having finished in 4th place in 2019, he is no stranger to the course. If anything, he brings more ultra-trail experience to the game now than he did two years ago.
From shorter, sub ultra-mountain races to 24hr+ events on a flat road or track, the diversity within the realm of “MUT Running” is vast! Also taken into consideration of these rankings is the duration of a race’s history, field size, and overall competitive depth.
"The depth and strength of women in mountain/ultra/trail is improving vastly at the moment! Some of the strongest regarded performances are being broken. I expect more of the top records to be broken in the next 5 years, as several of the mentioned women are in the prime of their careers."

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